Powder coated rims: all the advantages and disadvantages

Powder coated rims: all the advantages and disadvantages

Powder coating is basically all about conductive materials. In the automotive industry, this mainly involves frames, rims and other metal parts. In addition to the automotive industry, the powder coating process is mainly used for household appliances, furniture coatings and exterior wall finishes. Powder coating of rubberized wheel parts does not do me any good.

Steps in the application of powder coatings

Powder coatings have been used as automotive coatings since the 1990s. If powder coating is to be applied to an edge, the old paint must first be removed from the surface to be treated, then roughed up, and finally powder coated.

Paint removal is carried out in a chemical dip tank. To roughen the edges, sandblasting with sand or glass beads is required. This also helps to improve the chemical and metallic purity of the surface.

The powder coating itself is applied to the paint by spray gun. The particles are charged by electrodes or friction. During the process of counter-charging the sprayed surface, the particles adhere to the edges. Generally, this process consists of three spraying passes (primer, color coat, and clear coat).

After each application, the edge must be heated to 200°C for 45 minutes. The burning causes the polyester resin particles to form a solid layer.

Many aluminum alloys are already covered with powder. Since powder coatings are highly dust resistant, water and a light edge cleaner are usually sufficient to remove dust and grease from powder coatings. Due to its thickness (150 to 200 meters) and elasticity, the powder coating is extremely resistant to impacts and scratches. The smooth surface texture also guarantees a very homogeneous appearance.

The disadvantage, however, is the slightly higher price (compared to conventional wet paint). Powder coating, for example, usually costs between 30 and 60 euros per edge. In addition, a kind of “orange peel” may form due to the thickness and gloss of the coating film.

Covering damage with powder coating?

If the rims show signs of damage (e.g. dents or scratches), they can be repaired with a putty knife before powder coating. However, the damage should not be too deep or the rims will lose their license to be driven on the road. This could lead to the termination of your insurance in case of emergency! The damage must therefore be assessed by an expert. If the rims are no longer roadworthy, they must be replaced with new ones.

The main advantage of powder coated rims is their aesthetic appeal. The powder coated surface looks very noble. In addition, almost all rasta colors (matte and high-gloss) are available. In addition, powder coated rims are relatively easy to clean. Due to the very smooth and even surface, dust and grease neither stick together nor penetrate.