Car Speed Odometer Malfunction Causes and Solutions

Car Speed Odometer Malfunction Causes and Solutions

Going over or under the speed limit may result in a fine. Globally, speed limits are imposed on specific roads and highways to ensure road safety. To control the speed limit, the speedometer of the car plays the most important role. The driver can check the speed of the car and ensure that it is not above or below the limit. However, like many other car parts, the speedometer can experience problems. It is always best to address these issues as early as possible.


We’ll go over some of the common reasons why car speedometers don’t work and some solutions to fix the problem.

Reasons why car speedometers don’t work and how to fix them
Car speedometers are of crucial importance in many ways, so it is vital to always ensure that they are maintained. Generally, all cars have one of two types of speedometers – either an analog speedometer or a digital speedometer. Either way, it’s important to check for signs of any type of malfunction.

That said, let’s now take a look at some of the common reasons why your car’s speedometer isn’t working and how to fix them.

Damaged or frayed speedometer cable
Damaged cables can also cause problems with your car’s speedometer
Worn or damaged cables can also cause problems with your car’s speedometer
This can be a common problem with analog speedometers. Older speedometer types have a cable that transmits data to the speedometer unit. A dysfunctional or frayed cable will not be able to do this.


How to fix it.
This is an easy fix because the driver needs to determine the condition of the cable. Check the speedometer cable for any signs of damage. However, in some cases, the cable may be difficult to reach and you may need to take the vehicle to a professional to determine and fix the problem.

Faulty Speed Sensor
Modern vehicles are equipped with advanced components such as GPS speedometers. Digital speedometers use sensors to transmit speed information to the system. Any malfunction in the sensor may also cause the speedometer to malfunction.

In addition, a malfunctioning speed sensor can cause problems with the anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control system and cruise control. This can also trigger the check engine or instrument lights in the vehicle.

How to fix it.
A malfunctioning sensor will give error codes that can be difficult to interpret if you are not a professional. Additionally, in most cases, faulty sensors cannot be cleaned or repaired and will need to be replaced. If you notice any symptoms of a faulty sensor, replace it as soon as possible.

Faulty or damaged wiring
A non-functioning car speedometer can also be caused by improper or damaged wiring
Check the wiring of the speedometer for any signs of tearing or damage
Damaged wiring can also be the reason why your car’s speedometer is not working properly. Poor installation, damaged wiring, and rodent infestation can cause these problems. Additionally, frayed wires can cause different types of car sensors to malfunction and affect other wires.

All of these can cause the speedometer to malfunction, or in some cases, the gauge cluster may reflect incorrect data.


How to fix it.
Thoroughly check the system’s wiring and look for any unplugged or damaged wires. Watch out for corroded or frayed wires, as they may be the cause of these problems. Once found, clean the wires or replace them as needed.

Insufficient transmission fluid
Low or insufficient levels of transmission fluid in your car can also lead to speedometer malfunctions. Insufficient fluid may cause transmission problems such as wrong gears or erratic shifting and may give incorrect readings. On the other hand, low transmission fluid may damage car parts, including the speedometer.

How to fix it.
If the transmission fluid is below the level, refilling it will do the trick. Additionally, refilling will help remove any debris that may have gotten into the fluid. Check the transmission fluid level and check its quality and refill if needed to fix the problem. There are ways to check the transmission fluid without using a dipstick, and these can come in handy during this refill.

Faulty Instrument Cluster
Damaged instrument clusters can also be a reason why the speedometer doesn’t work
If the problem is in the instrument cluster, you may need to replace it
A malfunctioning instrument cluster can also be the reason why your car’s speedometer is not working. The instrument cluster contains the odometer, speedometer, and warning lights. Any malfunction in the gauge cluster wiring or sensors can cause damage to the cluster.

How to fix it.
If the problem is related to the wires or sensors, replacing or repairing the components may solve the problem. However, if the gauge cluster has failed, it will need to be replaced in its entirety. This will require professional help and the replacement can cost a considerable amount of money.

Damaged ECU
A car speedometer that doesn’t work could also be due to the ECU
Despite a rear-end collision, the speedometer can also be faulty due to a faulty ECU
For a malfunctioning car speedometer, the problem is likely related to the engine control unit (ECU). Despite a rear-end accident, it’s wise to check the ECU if you can’t find the problem.

How to fix it.
The ECU is a complex system, and it’s best to have the problem checked by a professional. Repairing or replacing the ECU can also be expensive and time-consuming. Take your vehicle to a service center to fix the problem.

Proper maintenance ensures a pleasant, smooth ride!
Make sure the speedometer and other components are properly maintained to enjoy a worry-free ride!
These are all the car speedometer problems and fixes you need to know. The speedometer plays an integral role in ensuring driver and road safety. It also helps drivers keep track of their car’s speed, as speeding or going over the speed limit can result in fines.

The above information can help you identify and fix all speedometer-related issues. For example, you can recognize the symptoms of bad vehicle sensors and several other sensors in your vehicle and fix them.